Team GB


Mike Browne (Playing Captain)

Age 40 
Regiment: 29 Commando Regiment
Injury: Left leg above knee amputee
Handicap 0
SC Debut: 2013
SC Record (W-L-H): 1-6-1

Ian Bishop

Age 37
Regiment: 45 Commando Royal Marines
Injury: Bilateral above knee amputee
Handicap 9
SC Debut: 2012
SC Record (W-L-H): 5-5-2

Anthony Lownds

Age 30 
Regiment: Grenadier Guards
Injury: Complex trauma to both legs and right hand
Handicap 8
SC Debut: 2014
SC Record (W-L-H): 3-2-3

David Ward

Age 53
Regiment: Royal Corps of Transport
Injury: Right leg below knee amputee
Handicap 12
SC Debut: 2012
SC Record (W-L-H): 6-5-1

Neil Flynn

Age 51
Regiment: Blues and Royals
Injury: Crush injury resulting in broken femur, collar bone, ribs and sternum. Also arthritis in hip, shoulder and knee
Handicap 5
SC Debut: 2018

John Devlin

Age 30
Regiment: 2 Lancs
Injury: PTSD
Handicap: 0
SC Debut: 2016
SC Record (W-L-H): 0-2-0

Andy Stevens

Age 56
Regiment: Royal Logistic Corp
Injury: PTSD
Handicap 9
SC Debut: 2015
SC Record (W-L-H): 3-1-2

Pete Hayes

Age 54
Regiment: Royal Air Force
Injury: Lower spinal and knee injury
Handicap 16
SC Debut: 2018

Simon Bankes

Age 27 
Regiment: 1 Royal Anglian (The Vikings)
Injury: Dislocated shoulders and a missing ACL ligament in right knee
Handicap 6
SC Debut: 2018

Dave Onions

Age 54
Regiment: Royal Engineers
Injury: Blind (left eye)
Handicap 11
SC Debut: 2012
SC Record (W-L-H): 3-0-1

Sam Stoddart

Age 27 
Regiment: King’s Royal Hussars
Injury: Severe  ankle fracture & shrapnel injuries
Handicap 8
SC Debut: 2013
SC Record (W-L-H): 1-3-0

Hari Budha-Magar

Age 39 
Regiment: Royal Gurkha Rifles
Injury: Double leg above-knee amputee
Handicap 26
SC Debut: 2018

Alex Hiles

Age 31 
Regiment: First Battalion - The Parachute Regiment
Injury: Fused right ankle, IED
Handicap 10
SC Debut: 2016
SC Record (W-L-H): 1-2-1
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