Shawn Whitmore (Playing Captain)

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
Age 43
Regiment: 82nd Airborne Division
Injury: TBI, PTSD, Right hip, femur, both shoulders reconstructed, both biceps replaced
Handicap 8
SC Debut: 2014
SC Record (W-L-H): 3-1-2

Chad Pfeifer (Playing Vice Captain)

Age 36 
Regiment: 4/25ID 3/509th ABN INF
Injury: Left above-knee amputation, TBI, PTSD
Handicap 0
SC Debut: 2012
SC Record (W-L-H): 4-0-0

Andrew Bachelder

Age 35
Regiment: HMLA / 169
Injury: TBI, Fractured hip, pelvis, shoulder tibia, fibula, back
Handicap 2
SC Debut: 2014
SC Record (W-L-H): 3-2-1

Steve Ogletree

Age 53 
Regiment: 52nd Engineer Battalion
Injury: PTSD, Cervical Spondylosis, Patello Femoral Syndrome, Bilateral Pes Planus with Plantar Fascitis, tinnitus
Handicap 12
SC Debut: 2013
SC Record (W-L-H): 2-3-3

Chris Bowers

Age 31 
Regiment: 2nd Light Armoured Reg., 2nd Marine Div
Injury: Left leg below knee amputee, TBI, PTSD
Handicap 15
SC Debut: 2012
SC Record (W-L-H): 3-5-2

Todd Tongue

New York
Age 48 
Regiment: A 3/75 Ranger Regiment 
Injury: Missing finger left hand, tinnitus, residual left shoulder GSW, lacerated right hand
Handicap 14
SC Debut: 2016
SC Record (W-L-H): 1-0-1

Ken Gestring

Age 52 
Regiment: USAF
Injury: PTSD, TBI, back & neck injuries, shrapnel wounds
Handicap 10
SC Debut: 2015
SC Record (W-L-H): 0-0-2

Billy Paul

Age 45
Regiment: 82nd Airbourne Division
Injury: Lower spinal fusion, nerve damage in both legs, wrists & feet
Handicap 14
SC Debut: 2015
SC Record (W-L-H): 0-0-1

Michael Lacy

Age 42 
Regiment: 7th Special Forces Group
Injury: Spinal cord (L3 to S1), traumatic brain injury, PTSD
Handicap 16
SC Debut: 2017

Jacob Nelson

Age 33
Regiment: 1st Battalion 5th Marines
Injury: L5-L2 Herniated discs, right shoulder AC joint rupture, PTSD, TBI
Handicap 0
SC Debut: 2016
SC Record (W-L-H): 0-1-1

Chris McCoy

Age 34
Regiment: 2ND ID 1-506 INF
Injury: Shoulder, lower back, head, eye, feet, ptsd, tbi, knee, peripheral neuropathy
Handicap 10
SC Debut: 2017

Michael Stafford

Age 45
Regiment: Mississippi Army National Guard
Injury: Left leg below knee amputee
Handicap 10
SC Debut: 2015
SC Record (W-L-H): 1-0-1

Cody Boyer

Age 29 
Regiment: 10th MTN Div 2nd BCT
Injury: Right/left shoulder labral tears, 5 anchors left shoulder, 3 anchors right shoulder, PTSD
Handicap 5
SC Debut: 2017
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